1.5 Reflections

After testing, we reflected what wine wrong and what could have improved. Question 4.3.1 What is your score on efficiency? If the efficiency is high/low, what went right/wrong? The first part to snap is the top of the centre truss. When the metal framed was lowered, the handler accidentally slipped the frame and it fell downwards, tugging at the centre of the bridge with enough force to cause a failure in the top truss. Our bridge has a relatively strong base, but a weak truss. The base plate held out, but not the truss. 4.3.2: Which part of the bridge gave was first? Explain using Physics or Engineering concepts. Gravitational force is based of the equation below
G is the gravitational strength M1 is the mass of the object(bridge), M2 being the mass of the second object (weight) R^2 is the distance between the objects F is gravitational force The experiment has a fixed Gravitational field strength as the earth has a fixed gravitational field strength The mass of the bridge was also fixes during the experiment The weights, were only changed during the intervals, and thus, were also constant during the actual experiment The distance between the 2 objects were also fixed. In order to improve the bridge, we have suggested increasing the strength of the truss as it was the first bit to gave way, so that the weight on the bridge would not be focused to the truss alone. 4.3.3: Which part of the bridge provided the most strength in the test process? Explain using physics or engineering concepts. The base plate had the most strength, as it was enforced using connectors and beams. The top truss, however, gave way because not all the weight was spread evenly

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