2.5 Reflections

Throughout the project, we all faced challenges that severely hampered our ability to meet up and discuss our project. Some of these challenges included other Performance Tasks from other subjects. As we had multiple projects on, we sometimes forgot about the Physics Performance Task till we were reminded by a colleague or teacher. This also led to a lot of rushing that we could have avoided if we had simply had planned our time properly.

We also made many modifications on what our friends had suggested. Multiple of them had come over to us to make recommendations on how we could improve based on their own experiences and testing. Our friends did not have to do that and could have simply left us in the dark but because of them, our group managed to perform decently. We thank any of the friends who had helped us in the making of the Mouse Trap Car.

Describe 3 things that you have learned from the Physics PT

- We learned that the transfer of forces between objects is never exactly the same.
- We learned how to use a lever-arm to make the Mousetrap move further.
- We learned the best amount of rope to use for this project was for it to not be too long but long enough to cover at least the entire car and a little bit more. 

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