2.1 - Engineering Goals

Our aim of this experiment is to build a mousetrap car that is capable of traveling the furthest distance in a single test in the shortest possible time.  

Our goals : 
- Light weight as possible 
- High power-to-weight ratio
- Fast acceleration
- Further than 5 meters


Lightweight - By making the Mouse Trap Car as Lightweight as possible, the car needs to exert less force in order to move faster.
Cost of Production - Sadly, money doesn't come from trees. This is why we need to watch our funding carefully, in order to not exceed our personal budgets.
Ease of Use - The easier it is to use, the easier it is to prepare for testing. This is meant for convenient access as well as the safer it is to use the product.
Feasibility - The more feasible it is, the more likely to finish it by the end of the project. This is the most important factor to us.

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